How I got here

I have always been a hard worker and have audaciously always believed that I have enough fire in my belly to be successful. The problem was that the path to career success was unclear to me. In the community that I grew up in, there weren't many models for how to achieve in business. As a young person, I followed my heart and interests, landing in the non-profit sector doing hunger relief work before to returning to grad school. These pursuits were challenging and fulfilling…but left me wanting more. 

It was a few years into my time working in hunger relief that I got stuck at work. I got to the point where I needed a greater challenge and had no idea what my next step should be. 

I didn't have any mentors or models for career success, but I realized that I had it within my power to find some. 

I started to reach out to women that had more senior positions than me at work and invited them to have coffee with me and tell me about their career trajectory. They told me about their triumphs and failures, their philosophies of leadership and teamwork, gave advice, and made connections. The lessons I have learned from from these incredible women have had a major impact on my career and personal life. 

The Doyenne Project

In the second year of my MBA, I restarted this personal project of reaching out to powerhouse women to learn from them. I've had countless conversations with female peers about what I have learned from these conversations and it was during one of these conversations that I felt compelled to share my key learnings with a larger audience. This stuff is just too good to keep to myself! 

I truly believe that rising tides lift all boats and that we all benefit when women are successful in the workplace. I am hopeful that women of all ages can be encouraged and edified by what is shared on this blog.

Here's to leaning in together! 

A little more about me

I finished my MBA in May of 2018 with a focus in Brand Marketing & Strategy at the University of Colorado - Boulder. During my time as an MBA candidate, I was honored to serve the MBA students as their elected President, and love the challenge of leading people to do great work. Since graduating, I have landed at an amazing marketing research and strategy consulting firm called mindsight, where I help large and small companies get the answers they need in order to serve their customers better and grow their businesses.

Outside of work, I am lover of sunshine, hiking in the wilderness, sinking my teeth into DIY projects, petting every dog I come across, and making strong connections with the people in my life. 

In a nutshell

I am...

· An analytical person with a strong creative streak

· A people person that loves to connect and inspire

· A critical thinker that is energized by tackling problems

· A visionary that cares deeply about the details

· A work horse that has developed a deep reserve of grit

· A passionate and curious lifelong learner 

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Like what you've seen here? Have any career development topics you'd like me to tackle? 
I'd love to hear from you! 

This project is still getting off the ground, so please send any critiques, ideas, or encouragements my way. 

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